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I am a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & also a Clinical Hypnotherapist with my focus on Transactional Analysis Counselling and Psychotherapy. I work with individuals, couples and groups within 50 minute weekly sessions.

I work from my own private personal therapy rooms in central Brighton and also Saltdean, as well as online.

Ben Hylands Therapy Brighton

Hi, I'm Ben

I will work with you to support and help you understand your own mind, and relationships with others. I will provide a safe collaborative therapeutic space for you to process past experiences, the present, and the future, thoughts, feelings and behaviours where we can work together on facilitating lasting change.

Can therapy help?

There are many personal and unique reasons to enter private therapy so please feel free to contact me to discuss yours.

Yes, therapy will help with many situations such as:

Anxiety, Stress & Depression


Panic attacks, phobias, fears.

Obsessions, compulsions


Relationship with food and weight management

Low self-confidence & self-esteem

Bullying and Abuse

Bereavement & Loss

My Services

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

couples therapy and polyamorous therapy

Couples / Marriage Therapy & Group Therapy

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Why Choose Ben?

Ben Hylands therapist

Work with me within the therapeutic relationship, where we can embark upon mutually agreed goals.  All people have the capacity to change and through therapy can be released from limiting behaviours, thoughts and feelings. 

We can work together for you to build a stronger sense of self, instil and maintain healthy boundaries, to understand your own mind and accept who you are

Relationships require work and awareness of self and the other(s) in order for us to feel safe, secure, fulfilled and expanded by another.  Therapy provides relationships where all can be heard, listened to and all can seek to understand within a supported and guided safe process.

Perhaps you have a general understanding of what your problem is, but don’t necessarily know how to resolve what you’re experiencing.  We can work together to clarify this with support. 

Maybe you have a high level of clarity around your problem, knowing what you want to change.  We can focus on change together and identify how you might sabotage this change in order to work towards lasting long term difference.

Work with me to Explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours If you can identify internal distress such as depression or anxiety, sadness or anger, but don’t have the understanding or clarity, only a general need to ‘feel better’.

Collaborate with me to understand and discover more about yourself. Therapy is a personal growth ‘tool’ for self-development.

Therapy in central Brighton and Saltdean within my private personal therapy rooms is available, as well as online.

I have personally experienced how powerful the therapeutic relationship is and firmly believe all are unique valuable human beings and have the capacity to change.

What My Clients Say

“Ben helped me not only to make changes to my negative eating patterns, but fundamentally change my relationship with food. Having spent many years eating unhealthily as a response to stress, Ben worked with me to change an unconscious habit to a conscious process of noticing and choosing to behave differently in response to stress. I really liked that the work we did together focused on the root cause issues and not just the behavioral responses. Emotional eating is now a thing of the past for me."


"Ben helped me with my self-confi dence issues. He was very professional and ensured I felt comfortable at the same time during the sessions."


“I had been experiencing some anxiety and lack of confidence since starting a new job. Ben put me at ease, taking time to identify what would help and work for me. My sessions with Ben left me feeling calmer and emotionally stronger and I would 100% recommend him."


“I saw Ben for hypnotherapy for stress & anxiety. He was professional, knowledgeable, empathetic & kind. I found the sessions extremely beneficial and Ben listened and tailored each individual session to my needs. I really valued these sessions and now feel far more confident and in control. I’m very grateful to Ben for the positive changes he made to my life."


Therapy Fees

Counselling & Psychotherapy Individual clients

  • 50 Minutes: £55

Online or in person, we will work together for you to understand your own mind, to explore thinking, feeling and behaviors and relationships. Appointments are weekly.

Couples / Marriage & Group Therapy

  • 50 Minutes: £75

Online or in-person, this time will be spent with all parties exploring the relationship.  People seek relationship therapy for better communication, to improve intimacy, to understand the other and also for closure.

(Individual clients)

  • 55 Minutes: £85

In person only using hypnosis as a relaxing tool combined with psychotherapeutic talking therapy.

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